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SM Pier Seafood Retooled Into The Albright

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The pier's slow and steady reformation gets another feather in the cap with The Albright, which replaced the aging SM Pier Seafood. With ownership passing to Yunnie Kim Morena from her parents, who founded the restaurant in 1977, The Albright is officially open today after soft serving for the past month.

The menu and decor has been updated to reflect a modern look that retains an old-timey seaside feel with white tiles, turquoise accents, and communal bench seating. The menu's still essentially the same, though with some more freshness all around like live crab and lobster, oysters, and grilled shrimp tacos. Also, there's a more impressive craft beer selection with drafts like Chimay, Green Flash IPA, and Golden Road, making the picnic-style eatery a pleasant place to enjoy a pint with fish and chips. Open weekdays from noon to 8 p.m., and starting at 11 a.m. on weekends. [EaterWire]

The Albright

258 Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica, CA 90401

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