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Fork in the Road is Serving Barbecued Pig Tails in SaMo

The butcher paper is down and as of December 14 Fork in the Road has been feeding the denizens of Santa Monica a mixed batch of California plates with Italian and Mediterranean accents. A wood-fueled oven is firing flatbreads topped with wild mushrooms and prosciutto/arugula pesto, but that's only a small portion of the menu which is divided between big and small plates. To start there's a kale salad and barbecue pig tail, meanwhile larger plates, all under $28, include a roast half chicken and duck confit. At the moment only dinner is served, but lunch is forthcoming.

Fork in the Road, formerly Naresh's on Main Street, is a small neighborhood place from the group responsible for Bank of Venice and Venice Ale House, two establishments that are big on booze. And the good news is that Fork in the Road is equipped with a full liquor license and crafty cocktails. Plus, the restaurant's design, with bar seating and a communal table, make it also idea for social drinking.
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Fork in the Road

2420 Main St Santa Monica, CA 90405