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Celestino Drago Likely Losing Another: Enoteca Drago

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Enoteca Drago by chef Celestino Drago is in escrow to be sold to a New York entity linked to Zen-Noh Restaurant Beverly Hills LLC. The organization's Manhattan address is tied to a one Tomotaka Matsuo. So yes, this means Enoteca Drago's days are numbered. According to restaurant reps, the deal has yet to be finalized, though Drago will know either way by December 27.

The Enoteca Drago news comes on the heels of Osteria Drago's shutter, and before that the loss of Drago, Santa Monica's 21-year-old Italian stalwart. Drago (the chef) has decided to focus attention on his other two eateries, Drago Centro and Il Pastaio, as well as Drago Bakery and Drago Air (his Quantas airlines catering business).
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Enoteca Drago

410 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210