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Cafe Röckenwagner Updates; PizzaRev to Burbank

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WEST LA— The pieces are coming together for Cafe Röckenwagner, which will inhabit 1,500 square feet of ground floor space within The BW, an upscale mixed use complex on Barrington at Wilshire. Just a tad behind schedule, the Röckenwagner Bakery meets 3 Square Café mashup from owner Hans Röckenwagner accepted Vitra furniture deliveries this week for a debut likely later this month or early January. Much of the restaurant's interior is fleshed out and defined by blonde wood and white tile. [EaterWire]

BURBANK— Yet another one of LA's custom pizza joints is on a rapid expansion streak. PizzaRev opens its sixth location at the Palm Plaza (175 E. Palm Ave.) on December 12. Pies are fired in under three minutes within the restaurant's custom 9,600 pound stone-bed oven. [EaterWire]




The BW

1168 S. Barrington Ave., Los Angeles, CA