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800 Degrees Heats Up Santa Monica in January

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

With just one Westwood restaurant and a counter at LAX, 800 Degrees has grand plans for world domination. But to start, cross-country pizza supremacy. The white hot custom Neapolitan pizza hit from chef Anthony Carron and Umami Restaurant Group, launched back in January 2013, is rapidly infiltrating Los Angeles and beyond with affordable, high quality pizza pies flash fired for one minute in an 800°F inferno.

800 Degrees in Santa Monica lands near the Third Street Promenade at 2nd and Wilshire, on schedule to open in early January pending construction and permitting. It's pretty much the same animal as Westwood, even the aesthetic looks surprisingly familiar with that pressed tin ceiling, subway tile, and brown wood accents. The biggest difference here is the addition of a 14-seat private dining room plus a to-go station, which will be located within the restaurant instead of existing as a separate entity like in Westwood.
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800 Degrees

120 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90401