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Ike Shehadeh Cut From LA's First Ike's in Westwood

San Francisco sandwich king Ike Shehadeh took to The Facebook yesterday with a lengthy update on his first Los Angeles outpost of Ike's Place, which was destined for Westwood Village. But, the sad news is that Shehadeh is apparently no longer involved with this location. Shehadeh writes, "

... my team and I were working to get the Westwood space open, and after a few 'almost deals' getting signed, negotiations broke off completely when getting into the finer point details of the agreements. People lost their heads, including me, and things became bitter and personal ... the lease holders have gone to members of the company, that have extensive knowledge on how to run and operate an Ike's, and have cut a deal with them to get the store open. This has been done without my permissions and their intention is to open an Ike's Place without me ... I am not sure if it is a business bluff, but it has been indicated to me that the location is 3 weeks away from opening up. Meaning you could be buying sandwiches, being sold under the guise of Ike's Place, that are not, in fact my sandwiches. Many of my vendors have agreed to not sell them products and of course they do not have access to my proprietary Dutch Crunch and other sauces. Though they are sure doing their very best to make you think that it is a genuine Ike's Place from the signage to the menu ... What I do want you to know is that it is not my location; it is not run by me or my representatives; the food is not authentic Ike's; and that I cannot authorize it's existence.
But then comes the good stuff. Shehadeh says he's "tremendously close" to securing his own deal in Westwood, in fact he's searching for two spaces. He also encourages real estate brokers to reach out to him here.
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