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Introducing Jeremy Fox, New Exec Chef at Rustic Canyon

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We actually hinted at this shakeup a few weeks ago and now the deal is sealed. Jeremy Fox, known equally for his inspired hyper seasonal plates and his itinerant past, has just started as executive chef at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica. If you go to the restaurant tonight he will be there. As is the nature at Rustic, the menu changes regularly based on what's in season, but of course Fox will put his spin and finesse on all plates going forward.

Since its launch, Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan's Rustic Canyon seasonal kitchen has fostered a sting of high caliber chefs well versed in local product. Chef Evan Funke looked after the kitchen for many years, finally leaving last year to shepherd Bucato. This past summer Jeremy Strubel took his place. But, for the next three months Strubel is consulting at the new Sirena.
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Rustic Canyon

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