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Cinco, a Spiffy New Oaxacan Restaurant in Westchester

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Elizabeth Daniels 1/13

Hence the Mexican restaurant's name, there are five friends behind Cinco: Blake Landis (Bar Chloe, The Yard), John Weir (Copa d'Oro), Ben Molina (The Yard), Will Smith (not that Will Smith), and Hernan Fernando (Bar Chloe, The Yard). And it's thanks to Fernando's family in Oaxaca that the eatery derives its cultural influences and menu. Sure, there are margaritas and mole, but also a Moscow Mule, Oaxacan Old Fashioned, for either $9 or $12; and assorted plates from tacos to burritos to ceviche, of which most are priced under $10. Thirty craft beers are available on tap, look for Scrimshaw Pilsnew, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Eagle Rock Revolution XPA, and more once Cinco soft opens on February 18.
·Cinco, a Oaxacan Restaurant and Bar, to Westchester [~ELA~]