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The Lash Soft Opens, Hot Smoothies Still Hot, More!

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DOWNTOWN— Seemingly out of the blue, or out of Downtown, comes a new bar called The Lash, as reported by Urban Daddy. The space itself looks pretty snazzy, all industrial, raw, and open. Supposedly, "the proprietor's a musician-son of Irish pub owners" and this right here is the alcoholic list. The Last soft opens tonight. [Urban Daddy]

SANTA MONICA— Remember Pulse Cafe and its hot smoothies? Well, apparently hot smoothies really are a thing. According to the cafe's blog, today the R&D and Marketing teams from Herbalife came by to study Pulse's hot smoothies: "They tasted all of our hot smoothies and seemed to like them, spending over an hour discussing the ingredients, textures and more." [Pulse]

DOWNTOWN— Matt Biancaniello, cocktail chef formerly of Library Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel, is consulting on a list of intoxicants served only on Sundays at O Hotel's Bar & Kitchen. Matt's beverages go into production February 10 (not avail on the 17). [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS— Fancy and expensive Chinese restaurant Hakkasan is looking at a summer opening on Beverly Drive. [EaterWire]

CULVER CITY— LYFE Kitchen, the healthy "lifestyle restaurant" cheffed by Art Smith and vegan chef Tal Ronnen underway on Culver Boulevard, is on track to launch the last week of February. [EaterWire]

MID-CITY— Paper or Plastik Cafe serves both coffee and lunch, and will soon expand to offer dinner. [Craigslist]

LYFE Kitchen

9540 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, Ca 90232 310 507 7955 Visit Website

The Lash

117 Winston St Los Angeles, CA 90013