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Smoke on Melrose Now Only Open for Private Events

Smoke is the newish steakhouse on Melrose from BRG, the guys behind Brick + Mortar and Fatty's Public House. The team has expanded through Los Angeles rather fast, first turning Salute wine bar into Brick + Mortar 11 months ago, and continuing on with Smoke in September and Fatty's in November. So, super quick expansion. Three spots in less than a year. Anyway, Valentine's Day soon approaches and a reader sends over a note saying that Smoke canceled his Thursday reservation as such: "Smoke just cancelled my Valentine's reservation - 3 days out. Just needed to tell someone ... I will never go there now. It was a voicemail that literally said 'we have a couple problems we need to take care of and will be closed for a couple days.' That's it. For those that don't know" But, according to the Smoke team, that they've decided to only open for private events going forward. The word: "We won't be accepting reservations for Smoke any longer. Smoke will be a private party venue only until further notice." So, that's that. For now.
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[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]