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Vittorio Viotti of Piccolo Plans Teatro Ristorante in SM

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This is interesting. Attached to the old Powerhouse Theater on 2nd Street in Santa Monica is an ABC license for a new restaurant, presumably Italian, under the name Teatro Ristorante. Vittorio Viotti, a co-owner of Italian eateries Piccolo and Hostaria del Piccolo, is attached to the project in addition to chef/partner Roberto Ivan. A full bar will be served here. More to come.

Update: Vittorio Viotti writes in to say "we are moving the original Piccolo from Dudley to 2nd Street" though the restaurant will operate under new name Teatro Ristorante. Piccolo will remain open for the time being, meanwhile Teatre should debut late summer or early fall.

Teatro Ristorante

3116 2nd St Santa Monica, CA 90405