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Hottest Chef FINAL: Dakota Weiss and Trevor Rocco

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Holy hotness, it's crunch time! After three preliminary rounds of voting, and a pulse-pounding hour of semifinals, the list of 18 hot chefs has been narrowed down to just two: W Los Angeles' Dakota Weiss, and Red Hill's Trevor Rocco. They are both hotties, and they are both chefs, but they are not that similar if you really think about it. Dakota is female, Trevor is male. Dakota works in Westwood, Trevor works in Echo Park. Dakota was on Top Chef, Trevor was not.

Only one of these two finalists will be crowned Los Angeles' Hottest Chef. In addition to the wealth and riches associated with this esteemed title, the winner of this competition will also go on to represent Los Angeles in the national Hottest Chef competition. It's kind of like the Hunger Games, but the people are older and nobody dies.

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