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David Kuo Needs YOU to Help Assemble Assembly

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David Kuo, a real estate guy who has worked at Jean-Georges (New York), the Hotel Bel Air, and "helped out on occasion at Craft," is behind Assembly in Culver City, that stalled project on Washington Boulevard sporting a 47 ABC license out front. Three years ago Kuo decided he wanted to open a restaurant, and in July 2011 he signed the lease for 9810 Washington. AIA/LA-award winning Bestor Architecture joined on to help design the place.

Kuo's idea is to operate an ingredient-driven fusiony American restaurant which he describes as "soulful food with spins on popular culture." A full service spot from breakfast to dinner to late night drinks. Breakfast pastries from Short Cake and coffee drinks brewed with Handsome and Verve beans in the morning, and this sample lunch and dinner menu thereafter. Kuo hired Marcos Tello (1886) to consult on the full bar, and even partnered with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds to grow unique fruits/veg for the 1,500 square foot bar and kitchen. Sounds promising, right? But there's a slight snag. Kuo's original investors recently backed out and now he has two weeks to finance the project or he'll have to forfeit the space which is listed right here on LoopNet.

Kuo says he wants "to create something culturally significant to Los Angeles" and that "food is a dialogue between the people who make it and the people who consume it." But, in order to bring his vistion to reality, he needs a new team to back him. Interested parties can contact Kuo through the above listed LoopNet link.
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9810 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232