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El Torito Grill Bev Hills, Code, Bahooka All Call it Quits

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1) Beverly Hills: Contemporary Mexican chain El Torito Grill has shuttered its branch on Wilshire at Camden as of Super Bowl Sunday. This potentially leaves the space open for Javier's from the OC, another upscale Mexican concept which, last year, was rumored to be considering the space. [EaterWire]

2) Venice: Yikes. Code in Venice is down for the count. The establishment opened last May under the name Dry Tour Wine Bar, but five months later reshuffled into Code. Code is now done and management will meet this week to decide the venue's next incarnation. [Yo! Venice!]

3) Rosemead: Ancient kitsch-filled Tiki bar and restaurant Bahooka Ribs & Grog is turning off the lights March 10, says LAW. Apparently first generation owners are looking to retire. [LAW]

El Torito Grill

9595 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90210