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Could Work Soon Begin on Belle Pêche? [UPDATED]

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Remember, oh, a year and a half ago the rumor that Tasting Kitchen chef Casey Lane would overhaul neighbor Wabi-Sabi on Abbot Kinney into a new French-Mediterranean concept called Belle Pêche? Well, Yo! Venice! spots new renovation plans for the restaurant and, although the "Project Name" is blurry and hard to read, it appears that the plans are, in fact, attached to Belle Pêche. Management is also filing for a full liquor license in place of Wabi-Sabi's beer/wine.
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Update: Bruce Horowitz, owner of Wabi-Sabi, adds the following: To clarify, Belle Peche was the working title for a project that Casey Lane was going to undertake, which is why they appear on the plans submitted to the Venice Neighborhood Council. These plans were drafted 18 months ago. Belle Peche is no longer happening, but I decided to go forward with the entitling process anyway. By doing so, it would extend the Wabisabi operating hours to 2AM, eliminate the wall that bifurcates the building, and allow us to open a sushi bar in the rear of the restaurant.

Belle Peche

1637 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291