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G&B Plants a Permanent Coffee Bar in Larchmont

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Dynamic coffee duo of Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski of Silver Lake's G&B Coffee will expand their coffee concept to a former Baskin-Robbins in the heart of Larchmont Village. The new shop will not be called G&B, however the pair is waiting to release the name until it has been trademarked.

Glanville and Babinski have partnered with the ice cream shop's owner and just broke ground on a full remodel. They plan to open some time in late spring or early summer.

The multiple coffee roaster setup on Larchmont will be similar to the one at SQIRL, with a sit-down coffee bar that's both inviting and conducive to dialogue with other customers and baristas. Because they'll have access to ice cream equipment, G&B is looking to feature signature drinks that might be more commonly found at barista competitions, such as affogatos and milkshakes. They'll also be expanding their chocolate program with unique chocolate/coffee pairings, and experiment with carbonated tea and cold brew coffee drinks. Meanwhile, G&B will continue to operate at SQIRL.
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Untitled G&B Coffee Project

230 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, California 90004