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Ike Shehadeh Signs Lease to Bring Ike's Place to LA

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Ike's Place, The Castro.
Ike's Place, The Castro.

Ike Shehadeh, the San Francisco god of sandwiches, and the individual responsible for the proliferation of Ike's Place sandwicheries through NorCal, is coming to Los Angeles. Shehadeh tells Inside Scoop (and the Facebook) that he has a deal in place to bring his lengthy list of sandwiches with names like "[Name of Girl I'm Dating]" and "Stupid Eggplant Sandwich" to an undisclosed LA locale. All Shehadeh will say at the moment is that the space is "high-profile" and that he will serve some of his San Francisco Giants-themed creations in this Dodgers town. A while back Shehadeh checked out sites near Universal Studios and by the Kodak Theater. But, more recently, he had his eye on a former Subway in Westwood Village at 1151 Westwood Boulevard. More to come.
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