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LYFE Kitchen, a Healthy, Low Calorie Place to Eat Today

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Elizabeth Daniels 2/13

It's easy to watch your waist at LYFE Kitchen, the "lifestyle restaurant" centered around healthful eating from two former big deal McDonald's execs, Mike Roberts (once global president and COO of McDonald's Corporation) and Mike Donahue (preveious Chief Communications and External Relations Officer). Check out the menu. Calorie counts and milligrams of sodium are readily listed alongside each menu item, and when applicable an "n" icon denotes the presence of nuts for those with allergies. Separate gluten-free and vegan menus are available, too.

The idea here is simple. Easy California cuisine done better, with higher quality seasonal ingredients organized by some famous chefs. In this case Art Smith and Tal Ronnen consulted on the menu, where all plates from breakfast through dinner contain fewer than 600 calories. Prices are kept generally low, around $6 for a breakfast entree (burrito, frittata), and the most expensive lunch/dinner entree coming in at $14.99 for a piece of Asian-treated roasted salmon. By way of alcohol, there's red and white wine from $8 to $10 per glass.

But don't be fooled by the Eames chairs or the 211 calorie pomegranate chia seed chocolate budino. LYFE Kitchen is still somewhat of a fast casual dining experience. Overhanging computer screen menus with pictures of food greet the diner at a front counter where orders are placed. Try it for yourself, starting today in Culver City. LYFE Kitchen wants you to Love Your Food Everyday.
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LYFE Kitchen

9540 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, Ca 90232 310 507 7955 Visit Website