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Juice Served Here Preps for March 31 Debut on W. Third

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DJ Alex Matthews has partnered with Greg Alterman, a juice enthusiast who wheels and deals mostly in the fashion industry, to open Juice Served Here this summer. The West Third Street location is ideal, since competitors like Pressed Juicery and Kreation Juicery have not (yet?) set up shop in the 'hood. It's also ideal because Juice Served Here is not being built as a stand alone, single unit store front.

Alterman says he has been incorporating green juice into his diet for decades. In the fashion industry, he noticed that juicing had become a trend in the past few years and spoke to Matthews about a plan for a new kind of juice bar. Matthews is the company's CEO, and while Alterman is a partner, he won't handle the day-to-day aspects of the business.

The West Third location of Juice Served Here will be the company's first outpost. All of the juice sold at that location will be pressed at a commissary in Culver City, near Robertson and Venice. That commissary will press juice throughout the day, every day, and deliver the brand's signature juice creations to each Juice Served Here unit, plus any wholesale accounts the company secures. Two other retail store front locations are in the works, though leases have not yet been signed.

What is supposed to make Juice Served Here different from the rest? Alterman says that Juice Served Here will be using 100% organic ingredients and that all products made by the company will be both vegan and raw. And though the juices will not be pressed on site, in front of customers, "[Juice Served Here] is not a grab and go experience. It's about community, lifestyle and health," says Alterman. To that end, the company has hired a nutritionist and dietician to work with juice blenders on formulas that are supposed to directly influence a person's health. The company says that there will be specific medicinal benefits attached to each juice blend.

Regarding the brand's community building mission, Alterman tells Eater that patrons of Juice Served Here will be educated about the products and how they can be part of a healthy diet, and that "it will be like a coffee shop, but for juice." Additionally, Juice Served Here looks like it might be among the priciest of juice companies in LA today. Prices per glass juice bottle will start at $7.50 and go up to $20.

With a number of different phases of business in the works, including the company's commissary and wholesale sales, Juice Served Here on West Third plans to open March 31.
·Juice Served Here Opening on West Third in 2013 [~ELA~]

Juice Served Here

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