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Lock & Key, a Bedazzling New Bar, is Born in K-Town

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Elizabeth Daniels, 2/26

The best way to find Lock & Key, the new speakeasy and bar in Koreatown, is to look for Stall 239, the food window adjacent to its entrance. Owners have cleverly disguised the facade and have not installed any noticeable signage on the front. Just inside, there's an Alice in the Wonderland-like room full of locks and doors.

A hostess guides guests inside into the swanky 1920s themed bar full of brass and golden light. Grab a cushioned stool at the bar or slide into a forest green booth because Bartender Christophe Namer (Pastis) has created a drink menu worth tasting. Though getting a bite to eat means having to walk out of the bar and stand in line at the stall, food service will soon be offered inside Lock & Key, keeping things nice and tidy.
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