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LA Athletic Club's Famous Players & Invention Restaurant

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[Elizabeth Daniels, 2/27]

Nearly two months in advance of its tentative re-opening date (sometime in late April), the Los Angeles Athletic Club, comprised of 80,000 feet of work-out and social space, is ready to start showing off its swanky new dining and lounge spaces. Architect Tracy Beckmann's work on the space included revamping the restaurant, now named Invention and bar, Famous Players. The LAAC has been at its present address, on the corner of 7th and Olive, since 1912. This is the first gut renovation of the social spaces.

It's just as clubby as one might expect, with mahogany and marble, and a secret passage that leads to a secret R&D bar. Liquid Assets consultants Marcos Tello and Aiden Demarest are running the show here. Reached for comment via email, Demarest tells us, "Marcos and I are excited to be directing a bar program back in our old neighborhood inside a Los Angeles Institution. This is gonna be fun."
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