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Goin and Styne's a.o.c. Reopens This Wednesday

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Photo: Aaron Cook | AACK Studo

a.o.c., Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne's restaurant on West Third Street near Crescent Heights, has been a dining landmark since it opened in 2002. This Wednesday, the restaurant that brought the concept of small plates and great wine-by-the-glass to LA's collective conscience, reopens in a new location. Further West, nearly in Beverly Hills, a.o.c. 2.0 (now occupying the the old il Covo/Orso space) has a new image to go along with its new digs.

The first thing guests will notice is that the building is now bright white on the outside, with a new a.o.c. logo (designed by Aaron Cook) painted on the front. Inside, Claire Stansfield threw up more white to brighten what was a dim, cave-like il Covo. Some of il Covo's furnishings remain, but the space has been cleaned up to reflect Goin and Styne's preference for casual elegance. A garden on the patio reintroduces trees to the space, along with edible plants and herbs that will be used in the kitchen and behind the bar.

The a.o.c. FOH and BOH teams remain in place. Chef de Cuisine Lauren Herman will continue serving seasonal plates in the categories of cheese and charcuterie; salads; vegetables; more small plates; and from the wood burning oven. Pastry Chef Christina Olufson heads up the dessert department while Billie Freeman continues on as General Manger. Christiaan Rollich will man the cocktail program.

Now with a private dining area, lounge and two fireplaces, the 10 year old a.o.c. is looking good as it goes into a second decade. Beginning this Wednesday, a.o.c. will be open for dinner each evening at 5:30 p.m. with lunch and brunch service to follow.
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