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Umami Burger OG on La Brea Ends its Run February 9

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It's official. The original Umami Burger location on La Brea and 9th, which flipped its first burger back in 2009 and not so slowly spawned a burger empire on the west coast and soon to be the east coast, will shutter on February 9. Reps for the burger chain explain that since its humble La Brea beginnings, "Umami Burger's business has evolved and our space needs have evolved. Our ideal space is now 2,000 square feet with 75 seats, with the ability to serve alcohol." Therefore, Umami has decided not to renew its lease on La Brea and will instead fold staff from that restaurant into the new Umami flagship at The Grove. Ah, the good old days.

In other news, Umami will next expand to 452 University Avenue in Palo Alto to open a 50-seat restaurant mid this year.
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Umami Burger

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Umami Burger

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