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Octavio Becerra is Back With Circa in Manhattan Beach

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[Photos: Ryan Tanaka]

Just weeks after checking out the plywood in Manhattan Beach, Circa comes around with word on an opening date. The Michael Zislis (The Strand) project with Octavio Becerra (Palate Food & Wine) in the kitchen, Josh Goldman (ink.) picking the wines and Julian Cox (Playa, Rivera, Picca, Sotto, Bestia) behind the bar, aims to open to the public on February 19.

Rumors have been circulating that Becerra has had some money trouble since leaving Palate Food & Wine last April. He may have burned a few bridges, but the fun-loving chef is looking to turn a new leaf at Circa. His menu here will be longer than it was at Palate, with some international flavor (lamb dumplings) and larger dishes (whole steamed bass) that sound like they will pair well with Cox's cocktails.

Set to start some friends and family dinners next week, Circa is now taking reservations for its mid-February debut at 310-374-4422.
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903 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 310-374-4422