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Kreation Juice Claims Jin Patisserie Kitchen & Garden

Because Moon Juice and Pressed Juicery weren't enough juice for Venice, a new location of Kreation Juice is coming soon to Abbot Kinney. Last month, we spoke with pastry chef Kristy Choo about the impending move of her beloved tea room and pastry shop, Jin Patisserie. It was clear that the rent increase was going to force the shop out of that space, but no one was sure when that might happen. This was because a deal Choo struck with her landlord allowed the shop to continue operating until a new lease was signed on the space. Today, we find out the reason for Jin's shutter announcement: Kreation Juicery and Cafe is taking over that corner garden space, and it's looking to open in early April.
·Jin Patisserie, 7015 Sushi, California Vegan & More Say Good-Bye [~ELA~]

Kreation Juicery and Cafe

1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291