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The Five Must-Watch Videos of the Week

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More and more great content about restaurants in Los Angeles is being released on video. Here now, a look at last week's best new food videos. Know of one that we missed? Send it our way.
This week, watch one of Wurstküche's purveyors make sausage in a video that's almost appetizing. Over in Reseda, see the romance of fresh tofu at Vinh Loi Tofu in a video from KCRW. Culver City's Copenhagen Pastry is the subject of a new short documentary from Eureka Drive Productions. In a new Lucky Peach produciton, New York's Christina Tosi travels with our own Roy Choi to taste shaved ice in Hawaii. Lastly, learn how to order food in Japanese.

1) Making Fresh Tofu at Vinh Loi Tofu:
KCRW and Deep End Dining blogger Eddie Lin shot this recent video which captures a the process of tofu making at Reseda's Vinh Loi Tofu. The highly rated meat-free restaurant uses only certified non-GMO soybeans. Watch as buckets of soybeans transform into soy milk, coagulate into curds and then are pressed into soft, silky tofu.

2) Wurstküche: How the Sausage Gets Made:
Ordinarily, sausage making is one of the two things most people never want to see. Just trust us when we say there's something soothing about watching the racks and racks of Wurstküche's sausages line up to go into the smoker.

3) Layers and layers of butter at Copenhagen Pastry:
This video of Copenhagen Pastry founders rolling butter into dough is both mesmerizing and appetizing. Watch as rows and rows of sweet dough are sliced, filled and frosted in this independent film from creator Eureka Drive Productions.

Copenhagen Pastry from Eureka Drive Productions on Vimeo.

4) Christina & Roy Go To Hawaii, Part III: Meet the Matsumotos:
This week, Lucky Peach, Momofuku mastermind David Chang's magazine, released a third video of pastry chef Christina Tosi (Momofuku Milk Bar) and Roy Choi's (Kogi, A-Frame, Sunny Spot) in Hawaii. In this episode, learn everything you want to know about the Japanese art of shaved ice. Also, watch Tosi and Choi look awkward together.

5) How to order food in Japanese:
Are you offending your favorite sushi chef by ordering in English? Try out some Japanese, you fool.


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