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Towne Food & Drink Doneski; BOA in Santa Monica

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DOWNTOWN—Just eight months into the game, massive and ambitious eatery Towne Food & Drink has shuttered. Which, unfortunately, doesn't come as a big surprise. Earlier this year a transfer of ownership notice was posted in a window, and yesterday evening a reader and nearby resident sent over the following note: "Last night I noticed the curtains were pulled and there was no one inside. Then I looked across to the bar and saw that all the liquor was gone. Wow - that didn't last long." GM Eric Anderson tells LA Downtown News that Towne stopped service on March 9 and the restaurant will re-conceptualize and reopen in two months under new management, with a new name, and new chef. Meanwhile, another reader writes in to say that the venue's next iteration will be "run by a well-known name." [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA—Although this is still a ways out, BOA in Santa Monica will eventually go under the knife to sport an updated aesthetic similar to its sibling restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Word on the street is that a new hotel will open where BOA currently sits in Santa Monica, and BOA 2.0 will reopen within the property. [EaterWire]

Towne Food & Drink

705 W 9th St Los Angeles, CA 90015