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Mark Gold Vacations While Eva is Shuttered for "Repairs"

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Eva restaurant is currently closed for renovations while chef Mark Gold vacations with his family. But is the Beverly Boulevard eatery done for good or is this really a temp shutter? Eva is offline at OpenTable, and according to the restaurant's voicemail, Gold shuttered Eva on March 10 for "structural repairs" related to the front deck. Meanwhile, he says he has taken his family on a short vacation. An email to Gold went unanswered.

In the fall Gold's wife Alejandra publicly announced, via Facebook, that Eva would shutter if the restaurant wasn't able to raise $12k in a matter of days to file an appeal with the city to move some parking spaces. Somehow Eva pulled through, and two days later the restaurant was able to raise enough capital to stay afloat and pay for its appeal. Although this does sound like a sticky situation, perhaps Eva will still return? Developing...
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