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Sandwich Star Ike Shehadeh Wins Westwood Subway Space for LA's First Ike's Place

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Guess what!? Ike Shehadeh, the beloved San Francisco sandwich guy with a cult-like following for his whimsically named offerings, snagged that "high profile" Subway corner at 1151 Westwood Boulevard after all! Which means Ike's Place is headed to Westwood Village. Watch out Bay Cities. Medium reports that Shehadeh successfully won the property right by UCLA through social media fanfare. Via Facebook, he asked supporters to petition the building's landlord (Subway's lease was expiring) and 1,000 emails later and Ike's Place secured its first Los Angeles home.

Ike's will take over "in the next few weeks" and this expansion is part of a larger plan to open at least five new eateries this year.
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Ike's Place

1151 Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90024