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Sticky Rice Serves Thai Street Lunch Today

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Status: Soft open today
Phone: 626-872-0353
Sticky Rice, the first of the new wave of tenants to arrive during Grand Central Market's massive overhaul, hung signage this weekend. After three months of intensive menu testing, today at 12:30 p.m. stall C-4-5 begins offering Thai street food not previously seen in Downtown. Chef Johnny Lee tells Eater the menu will be mainly driven by khao man gai (Thai-style Hainan chicken rice) and nam prik, Thai chili "salsa" dip that is part of the preferred family meals at Soi 7. Other dishes such as moo yang (grilled pork neck), and papaya salad are all served with sticky rice (obviously), and have been designed to satiate the fast-paced lunch crowd.
Additional Reading: EaterWire, 12/26

Sticky Rice

317 Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013