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Chego! Donzo on Overland, Rare Pigs at RivaBella, More!

WEST LA— Don't shoot the messenger but Roy Choi admits to LAW that Chego! is done for good on Overland. The lease was up and therefore Choi decided to relocate to Chinatown. He's looking to open by the end of next month with Chego!'s old menu plus "a couple Chinatown specials and then we will flow the menu based on how the neighborhood influences us." Choi is also planning to run a shorter Chego! menu at Alibi Room while he searches for a new westside locale. [LAW]

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Wikipedia says that the Mangalitsa pig, also known as the curly-hair hog, is special because "it grows a hairy 'fleece', akin to that of a sheep." Which sounds both weird and gross. Anyway, apparently this such pig is a delight to eat partly due to the fact that it has a high concentration of fat. Which brings us to RivaBella. The Mangalitsa pig is hitting RivaBella's menu and chef Gino Angelini will offer a few porcine dishes starting March 28. Some plates he's playing with: roasted six-ounce loin with eight-ounces of fresh black truffles and barley tortino ($100); and guanicale wrapped shrimp, lardo with sea urchin urchin crustino, and pancetta and calabrese with olives and roasted peppers ($40). [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN—When he's not baking monstrous cakes, Duff Goldman likes to eat sweets at f?nuts and Red Medicine. He also cares for the calamari at Villa Blanca, The José Andrés at ink. sack, the Pink Asylum at Liquid Juice Bar and the sesame wasabi poke at Poke-Poke. [Where]


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