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Norms (and Denny's) Doomed by New Projects in SM

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Photo: Flickr/Seagreen Digital

Although its website boasts "We Never Close," Norms, the longtime family-friendly American restaurant/diner chain on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica will likely shutter to make room for the impending Expo Line (metro line) which should complete its Santa Monica route by 2015. Earlier this year Santa Monica Patch reported that both Denny's and Norms (across the street from each other) had been purchased by developers with plans to erect new mixed use properties on site. Eater hears that Norms is specifically getting ousted by the metro though. A Norms employee states that the business will not shutdown "for a long time ..." and adds that the shutter will take place "whenever the developer decides they don't want us here." [EaterWire]


1601 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90404