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Willie Jane, Govind Armstrong's Southern Joint on AK

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Elizabeth Daniels 3/13

A quick reshuffle and poof! Willie Jane is born. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing didn't last out on Abbot Kinney, therefore partner Brad Johnson brought on chef Govind Armstrong and together the team birthed a new concept that celebrates Armstrong's interpretation of Southern American cuisine with a focus on seafood and family-style share plates. Bearing relations to his menu at Post & Beam, here in Venice Armstrong is also serving a Dungeness crab soup (on Post & Beam's Easter menu), mussels with ham, and a cast iron chicken dish, but also local halibut with veggies, rainbow trout with a peanut and pea hummus, and shellfish over grits. Most dishes are in the teens and low $20s.
Alcoholic beverages under the condition of bar manager Phuong Tran pay extra attention to Bourbon and bear names like Coal Miner's Daughter and Mississippi Tea (though this one is made with vodka). There are also classics like an Old-Fashioned and a Sazerac, and drinks run either $12 or $14.

Venice-based designer Rae Scarton participated in the restaurant's remake, adding wallpaper, furniture, and imagery that makes the space feel more Southern. But, the venue's general layout, booths, and blue patio chairs remain back from Lilly's days.

Hours of operation run Tuesday to Thursday from 4 to 11 p.m. and Friday/Saturday from 4 p.m. to midnight.
·Govind Armstrong Reworking WiSC into Willie Jane [~ELA~]