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Jonathan Gold Reviews Muddy Leek in Culver City

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A somewhat uninspired review today from The Goldster, who files on Muddly Leek in Culver City. Does he recommend the restaurant? It's not entirely clear. Does he not recommend the restaurant? It's not entirely clear. What is clear though is that this is a pleasant neighborhood spot serving seasonal plates:

Muddy Leek feels less like an edgy pop-up than like a comfortable place to drop in for a cocktail and a snack on a Tuesday night, to hang out in the patio with a bottle of Grenache and a cheese plate, or to wheel by for a merguez sandwich after a morning of antiques shopping. There may be the occasional tiny rabbit kidney garnishing a plate of rabbit hash, a little dish of rillettes made with the shredded remnants of duck confit, or a smear of chicken liver mousse on toast, but you are not here to be challenged. You are here because it is spring, you have a bit of room on your Visa card, and it is nice.
If Gold were to suggest one dish it might be the flatbreads which he calls " ...a cross between pizza and Indian naan, and can be wonderful... " [LAT]

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

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Muddy Leek

8631 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232