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What to Eat at Dodger Stadium, Home to LA's Dodgers

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Photo: Dodger Stadium

2012_4_stadiumlogo.jpgBaseball season begins this upcoming Sunday, and Dodger Stadium is ready to go with new food offerings. Everyone should get a Dodger dog at at least once: grilled, hot, and with chips and a Coke on the side. Besides that, it's worth remembering that Dodger Stadium is near Chinatown in downtown LA and outside food can be brought inside the stadium. Find some of our favorite options below.

Dodger Stadium's Standouts

Screen%20Shot%202013-03-29%20at%209.53.38%20AM.png 1) East Side Market: One of LA's last true Italian delis, fans love the hot pastrami and meatball subs. Only open until 4 p.m. daily. [1013 Alpine Street]

2012_04_fullhousestadium.jpg 2) Full House Seafood: There's a lot of Chinese in the area, but Full House has a good selection of fried rice and Chinese stir fry that's easy to take-out. [963 North Hill Street]

Screen%20Shot%202013-03-29%20at%209.58.56%20AM.png3) Mexicali Taco & Co: Fun and far better than the tacos inside the stadium, Mexicali also has great horchata, which is perfect on its own or spiked. [702 N Figueroa Street]

2012_04_philippestadium.jpg 4) Philippe the Original: If you're not into Dodger Dogs, going to a game at Dodgers Stadium is a good opportunity to get a French dip and maybe a pickled egg. [1001 North Alameda Street]

Screen%20Shot%202013-03-29%20at%2010.03.23%20AM.png 5) Manuel's Original El Tepeyac Cafe: The burritos are an especially good option. Manuel's chips and guacamole are a great game-day snack too. Arrive early as the wait can be long. [812 N Evergreen Avenue]

A Quick Meal at Dodger Stadium

· All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion: Selection of food stands, hot dogs and veggie dogs are available here. (The Right Field Pavilion).
· Healthy Plate: Wraps, salads. (Field Level, 1st Base Side, Sec. 30).
· Elysian Park Grill: Burgers (including turkey burgers), kids' menus and a new Brooklyn Dodger Dog. (two locations: Reserve level and Top of Park).
· Dodger Dogs: Dodger Dogs. (Top Deck, 1st Base Side, Sec. 6).
· Dodgertown Deli: Dogs and sandwiches (Field Level, 3rd Base Side, Sec. 47).
· LA Taqueria: Fish tacos, Carne Asada and Pork Carnitas (Reserve Level, 3rd Base Side, Sec. 45).
· Soft-Serve Ice Cream: Ice cream. (Reserve Level, 1st Base Side, Sec. 4).

Dodger Stadium

1000 Elysian Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012