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Tsujita LA's ANNEX to Serve Ramen ALLLLLL Day!

So that's why Tsujita LA was testing ramen for dinner. Because its new ANNEX, just across the street in the old Miyata Menji ramen space, will SERVE RAMEN ALL DAY!! Which is a serious boon for the neighborhood and those who wait over an hour during lunch to secure a bowl of tonkotsu ramen or tsukemen, but sometimes are turned away with empty stomaches. Because the soup sells out. Lickety-split. For those unaware, Tsujita might just serve the best bowl of ramen in all of Los Angeles. But that's up for debate.

With a fresh new facade composed of faux(?) foliage, ANNEX looks about 90% complete inside and is expected to open in April.
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2050 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025