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What to Eat at Home Depot Center, Home of LA Galaxy

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Photo: Home Depot Center

2012_4_stadiumlogo.jpgIt pays to have club seats at the Home Depot Center. Not only can you order food into your suite, but you also get unlimited access to the American Express Stadium Club. Other than that, you're left with some fast food that's typical of stadium eats. Other options in the neighborhood, outside of the stadium, include Olive Garden, Chili's and Tony Roma's.

Home Depot Center's Standout

2012_04_amexstadium.jpg 1) American Express Stadium Club: This is the best view fans can find while eating. Unfortunately, this fine dining haunt is only open to those with Luxury Suite and Club Seat season tickets. [At box/suite level]

A Quick Meal at Home Depot Center

· Farmer John Hot Dogs: LA street-style dogs (Stand 7 at Sec. 236-238).
· Tortas, Tacos: Mexican (Stand 13 at Sec. 108/109; Stands 4/6 at Sec. 231-234).
· Pizza Stand: Pizza, garlic bread (Stand 14 at Sec. 112/113).
· Beer & Wings on the Plaza: beers on tap and wings (Plaza level).
· The Bar: Budweiser and speciality cocktails (above Sec. 138; above Sec. 135).
· The Kick!: Starbucks Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cinnabon (Plaza level).
· Burgers: Burgers and sandwiches (Stand 2 at Sec. 226-229).

Home Depot Center

18400 S Avalon Blvd Carson, CA 90746