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SEVEN Food/Drink Players Want to Serve at Taft Building

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Hollywood's Taft Building, a property at Hollywood and Vine mostly occupied by office space, is looking to operate SEVEN drinking and dining options which will all serve until 2 a.m. Check out these proposed City plans which reference the following: 1) a 1,593 square-foot ground level restaurant with 70 seats and full alcohol; 2) an 840 square-foot ground level restaurant with 38 seats and beer/wine; 3) a 1,441 square-foot ground level café with 34 seats and beer/wine; 4) a 3,289 square-foot ground level restaurant with full alcohol and 246 seats divided between a main dining room, mezzanine level, and outdoor patio; 5) a 1,545 square-foot ground level bar/lounge with 48 seats, full alcohol and live entertainment; 6) a 5,842 square-foot basement level nightclub/bar/lounge with 210 seats, a dance floor, and a 404 square foot stage for live entertainment; and finally 7) a 5,504 square-foot rooftop outdoor bar and lounge with 162 seats, full alcohol, and live entertainment. [EaterWire]

Taft Building

1680 Vine St Los Angeles, CA 90028