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The Top 10 Things You Missed at Yesterday's LAW Plate

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Natasha Phan, Sang Yoon, Roy Choi
Natasha Phan, Sang Yoon, Roy Choi

This year's LA Weekly Plate event, which replaced The Gold Standard, took place yesterday at the Peterson Auto Museum in Miracle Mile. Perhaps a thousand guests gathered on the roof to enjoy the mild weather, a plethora of libations and some decent eats.

Jonathan Gold did not make a cameo appearance and Huckleberry's table was noticeably less robust than it has been at previous events, but otherwise, Plate put on a good show and may be worth an encore. Here's what you missed.

10) Starry Kitchen's homemade deadmau5 costume, which apparently took Nguyen Tran only an hour to make.

9) The laughter that ensued when Sang Yoon (Father's Office, Lukshon) said of himself and Kogi chef Roy Choi, "We're really the same person."

8) Always and forever: the cochinita pibil tacos from Chichén Itzá.

7) Unlimited day drinking opportunities from Stella; Hendrick's; a dozen different wineries; and whipped cream vodka (which is all the rage right now?).

6) Clover Juice's Yam juice blend with carrot, apple, ginger and cinnamon.

5) Jazz, from Jitlada, and her spicy chicken curry.

4) Night+Market's koi pla, Isan salmon ceviche.

3) Raspberry-sauced crullers from Little Dom's booth.

2) LA Weekly's anonymous restaurant critic, Besha Rodell, who was rumored to be in attendance.

1) The impeccable scallop on a tiny teardrop plate from Sang Yoon's Lukshon.

Lamill Coffee Boutique

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Sunny Spot

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Border Grill

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Clover Juice

342 S La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90068 323 609 3903

La Casita Mexicana

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12565 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90066


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Pazzo Gelato

3827 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026 323-662-1410

Il Grano

11359 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 477-7886 Visit Website

Jitlada Restaurant

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Huckleberry Cafe

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3300 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 287-0337 Visit Website