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Neal Fraser's Donut and Coffee Place to Rise in BLD

BLD — breakfast, lunch, and ... donuts? Chef Neal Fraser has not dropped the ball dough with regard to his previously mentioned donut concept. ICDC, which stands for "Ice Cream, Donuts, and Coffee," has so far manifested as a pop-up of sorts inside BLD on Wednesday nights. Pastry chef Mariah Swan serves a selection of donuts in flavors like Buttermilk Brown Butter and Vanilla Cream Cheese.

And those donuts are soon going to become a more permanent fixture. Right now the plan is to close off BLD's back area and create a standalone, all-day, fancypants donut and coffee operation to launch late summer/early fall. Fraser says he's going through the permitting process right now.
·The Phoenix + Dolce Group, Neal Fraser's ICDC, More! [~ELA~]


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