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Costa Mesa Gets a Bit of Spring-time from Paris

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Photo AnQi interior courtesy AnQi Bistro; Photo Daniel Rose courtesy Spring Restaurant

When Spring Restaurant opened in Paris in 2006, it made headlines on both sides of the pond because its chef and owner, Daniel Rose, is American. The restaurant, a creative, New American take on classical French technique, continues to win accolades in Paris as it enters its seventh year of business. This year, Spring is collaborating with AnQi Bistro in Costa Mesa's South Coast Plaza. A dinner to benefit the Friends of James Beard Foundation is taking place on May 1. For the first (only?) time, Southern Californians will be able to get a taste of springtime in Paris without taking a 12 hour flight. Reservations can be made by calling AnQi directly 714-557-5679. [EaterWire]

AnQi Gourmet Bistro & Noodle Bar

3333 Bristol St Costa Mesa, CA 92626