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Now Adrienne Maloof is Threatening a BH Restaurant

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It's embarrassing enough that reality star and restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump's SUR (which stands for "Sexy, Unique, Restaurant"), the setting for her soap-y new Bravo series Vanderpump Rules, is located in Los Angeles. Depicted on the show as one of LA's hottest restaurants and most coveted places to work, SUR perpetuates the stigma that the Los Angeles dining scene is more of a farce and LA is less a city serious about its food. And to make matters worse, TMZ reports that Vanderpump's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills frenemy Adrienne Maloof is opening her own restaurant in Beverly Hills near Vanderpump's second eatery, Villa Blanca. Supposedly Maloof's place will seat 200 and serve Mediterranean comfort food. It will also be "celebrity friendly," with a private rear entrance. Obvi.