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Clover Juice to W 3rd Street, Then Clover Cafe to Los Feliz

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Despite an increasingly saturated liquified fruit/veg market, La Brea's six-week-old Clover Juice has found its niche, selling $8 cold pressed juices in flavors like yam-carrot-apple-ginger-cinnamon and watermelon-lime-mint. Clover is here to stay. And grow throughout the city with a takeaway window and separate cafe concept in Los Feliz.

On March 11 Clover will open its second location, attached to The Churchill, dispensing juices through the restaurant's to-go window on West Third Street. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise since The Churchill's co-owner, Beau Laughlin, is also a partner in Clover, along with Cassandra and Andrew Walker. In addition to the usual set of juices, Clover's takeaway window will also vend a bunch of lighter dishes by The Churchill's EC Bruce Kalman (inclusive of vegan and vegetarian options), Stumptown coffee, and baked goods by Lauren Lobley (Charm City Cakes).

Inside Clover Juice on La Brea. [Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

Then, next up for Clover, is a cafe concept to open within the right side of Skylight Books (the business is moving into a space next door) at 1818 N. Vermont Ave in Los Feliz. Expect a health-oriented operation with Clover's cold pressed juices, salads, sandwiches, plus regional craft beer and wine. Earthy but not too granola. More hip, less hippie, in line with management's other concepts. And, as if that weren't enough, a second Clover cafe concept is in the works and the deal should close in the near future.

Meanwhile, those headed out Coachella next month (just 37 days!) should note that Clover Juice, The Churchill, and The Hudson will have a three part food booth set up in the VIP area (both weekends) selling food and drink. This is the first time one hospitality group has provided multiple refueling stations at the fest.
·Turn Over a New Leaf at Clover Juice, Open Today [~ELA~]

Clover Juice

342 S La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90068 323 609 3903

Clover Juice

8384 West 3rd St West Hollywood, CA 90048