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Burger Lounge Santa Monica Flips Patties Next Week

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It's hard to believe that Burger Lounge, a relatively new concept in Los Angeles, is opening its ninth location next week in Santa Monica. The chain, which touts grass-fed beef burgers and all around eco-consciousness, was founded in San Diego by owners J. Dean Loring and Michael Gilligan in 2007. Burger Lounge Santa Monica opens on the corner of Arizona and 2nd in downtown Santa Monica next Wednesday, March 13. On the first day of business, all proceeds from the sale of The Lounge burger (made with 100% single-source, American grass-fed beef) will be donated to Growing Great, a foundation dedicated to school gardens and nutrition education.
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Burger Lounge

8539 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 289-9250

Burger Lounge

213 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 90401