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Seed Bistro is the New Home for Sushi Sasabune

Seed Bistro — the short-lived follow up effort for macrobiotic chef to the stars Eric Lechasseur of Seed in Venice — has remained vacant for almost a year now. Furniture in place, dust collecting. But, as of a few days ago, a new ABC license has been affixed to the small cafe's window announcing new tenant Sushi Sasabune. Which seems like a strange move because the praised omakase parlor already occupies a flagship location just down the block on Wilshire near Bundy (in addition to a new restaurant in Beverly Hills). But no, this is not another westside addition. According to staff, Sasabune at 12400 Wilshire Blvd will move into this new, smaller space come summer. [EaterWire]

Sushi Sasabune

11917 Wilshire Blvd West Los Angeles, CA 90025