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Yue Lai XLB King Opens, Meat Floss at Fragrant, More!

Welcome to Meanwhile, In SGV a regular feature in which TC, our fearless leader in all things San Gabriel Valley, brings word of restaurant openings, closings, and other unsung, curious neighborhood goings on.


1) San Gabriel: Yue Lai just took over Yu Garden last week. No interior remodeling of note, but new signage proclaims the new Yue Lai as "king of xiao long bao." The Mandarin name is exactly the same as Kuan's in Montebello, as is the buy-one-get-one baskets of xiao long bao ($6.95 for 16). Management confirms the two are related, but Yue Lai will be adding Chinese-Korean style dishes (think: Chinese naeng myeon cold noodles) to reflect this particular kitchen's Dongbei roots. 107 E Valley Blvd.

2) Rosemead: Fragrant Rougan has debuted in the same plaza as HP Pho Ga Bac Ninh. Fragrant touts itself as the only Singaporean style bak kwa (pork jerky) in the Western US. In addition to the traditional sheets of marinaded BBQ pork, they have a wide variety of meat floss, as well as the salami-shaped "gold coin" jerky. 8930 Mission Dr., Ste 106


3) City of Industry: Xian Kitchen opened at the end of March, and reports on the ground say the cumin lamb house-pulled noodles may be "biblical." Other menu items are similar to that of the well received Shaanxi Gourmet. This Xian restaurant is absolutely unrelated to Xian in Beverly Hills and Xi Famous Foods in NYC, so LA still needs one more Shaanxi restaurant to make Chinese hamburgers a trend. 18213 E Gale Ave.

4) Monterey Park: Per the ABC signage Sapporous Grill has been sold and will rename to Old Yellow Ox BBQ. Expect more BBQ skewers being served along Garvey Avenue. 639 W. Garvey Ave.

Yue Lai

107 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA