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Inside BrewDog Pub; Raphael Lunetta Talks 41 Ocean Gig

As we wrap up our day, our thoughts and prayers go to everyone in Boston and anyone affected by the events there today.

MID-CITY— Up above, a look at the bar inside BrewDog Pub, formerly Sushi Cam, a new inexpensive beer, yakitori and pizza place from Eden Noe of the ill-fated Fifth Amendment Alehouse in Santa Monica. While Noe originally planned to open on April 10, a few kitchen delays have postponed the bar's debut. [ELA]

SANTA MONICA— Despite 41 Ocean's website which lists JiRaffe chef/owner Raphael Lunetta as "executive chef," Lunetta clarifies that he is only serving as "consulting chef" and that JiRaffe remains his top priority. [ELA]

Brewdog Pub

8300 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211