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An Evening with Esquire Network at The Spare Room

Team Superba Snack Bar
Team Superba Snack Bar

Elizabeth Daniels

On Wednesday night, Eater and Esquire Network took to The Spare Room in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for an evening of TV, food, and drink. Esquire Network screened an episode of Knife Fight, the down-and-dirty food battle coming this summer. Knife Fight is not your average made-for-TV competition, but rather began in the kitchen at Ilan Hall's The Gorbals after the restaurant closed its doors at night.

Seventy-five guests enjoyed food from Superba Snack Bar's Jason Neroni (who you might just see in an episode of Knife Fight), as well as beer from Trumer Pils and wine from Barrymore Wines. The Spare Room provided delicious cocktails, which guests sipped during a Q&A with Hall and Eater LA editor Kat Odell. A big thanks to all of our guests, Esquire Network, Ilan Hall, and Jason Neroni for an entertaining and delicious evening.