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Restaurateur Bill Chait Joins Vibiana Dining Concept

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Photo: Flickr/Kansas Sebastian

That took a hot minute. But guess what?! Vibiana Cathedral finally landed a 47 liquor license in the names of Amy Knoll (chef Neal Fraser's wife) AND restaurateur Bill Chait (Sotto, Picca, Bestia) to open that long-tracked dining engagement, originally the relocated Grace. But, plans changed over the years and reps for the project say that the new concept, still slated to takeover the old rectory (as determined from the beginning), is now set to launch late 2013. Not a ton of information at this time, but at least one detail is confirmed: Julian Cox is behind the restaurant's bar program. Hence, the full 47.
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Update: According to this here website, Fraser has named the new eatery Redbird: "Separate of Neal Fraser & Co. events at Vibiana, Redbird, the highly anticipated follow up to Grace, will be opening on the first floor of the old rectory building adjacent to the Vibiana cathedral in the fall of 2013. At both Vibiana and Redbird, the pair will bring a cosmopolitan experience and ambitious dining to downtown Los Angeles."


214 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012