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Hambone's BBQ to Soft Open Second Restaurant Tomorrow with Biggest Ole Hickory Smoker in LA

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BBQ is definitely a "thing" in 2013 but it has yet to really take hold in Los Angeles. There's Bludso's, there's BigMista's, and that is it for many Angelenos. Pitmaster Kenny Hamilton wants to change this perception, especially for those in Southeast LA County, with the opening of the second Hambone's BBQ.

Hamilton, from a big BBQ family in Mississippi, is an engineer by trade. That is how he was able to custom design his Ole Hickory smoker to have digital controls and redundant convection fans which enable the pit to maintain a rock steady smoking temperature, as well as the constant smoke necessary for the low and slow barbeque that enthusiasts demand.

The Ole Hickory pit, while not as large as Hi-Lo BBQ's J&R pit, holds 148 racks of ribs or 260 briskets. It's so big the hood and pit combination take up nearly all of the kitchen space in the 4,700 square foot restaurant. A type 41 alcohol license is in place, and Hambone's will serve beer and wine, as well as briskets, tri-trip, and ribs, etc., until 2 a.m.

Hamilton is a longtime friend of Bludso's Kevin Bludso, as well as the famed pitmaster John Willingham. Hamilton tells Eater that Hambone's will provide fantastic 'cue for those East of the 710, while Bludso's has found success West of the 710. The restaurant soft opens tomorrow at 4 p.m. [EaterWire]


9825 Belmont St Bellflower, CA 90706